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"Called to Serve"

About me

I am a graduate of St. George Parish School.  I acknowledge God's presence in my daily life through prayer.  I continue to grow in my personal relationship with Jesus, and I care for the needs of others.  I am a Catholic leader and I believe I have been called to serve my community, church and society.

My interest in attending Aquinas High School began last summer at leadership camp.  As the newly elected Student Council President at St. George Parish School, I was given the opportunity to attend a five-day camp, along with student leaders for other Catholic Schools.  That experience at a Catholic High School opened my eyes and helped me begin to understand the importance of service to others.  I became excited with the idea of possibly spending the next four years at a Catholic High School.  I believe that attending Aquinas High School will help me live out the teachings of the gospels, as I continue to move forward, with a journey that began at St. George School.

My Inspiration

The Byte

Fr. Michael Sturn offers congratulations for a job well done.

"We Raise the Standards"

This year's Catholic schools week theme is. "We Raise the Standards".  I believe that I have helped raise the standards in my school, for leadership.  I am confident that by attending Aquinas High School, I will be able to blend strong academics with my deep sense of fatih.  I have grown very close to God, while living all of my Schoolwide Learning Expectations, and developing leadership skills, which I now want to use at Aquinas High School.

The opportunity to apply and the possibility of receiving the Bishop's Scholarship Award has helped me to better understand the Diocesan Vision.  I understand that I am part of a community of believers in Jesus Christ, called to impact Family, Neighborhood, and Society with the Gospel, so that people's lives are filled with hope.  My life has been filled with hope for the past year, and so I understand how important it is for people's lives to have hope.

I spent nine years at St. George Parish School, whose motto is "Catholic Students today, Catholic Leaders tomorrow."  I am ready for tomorrow!

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